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Pivot irrigation increases productivity considerably: it is a self-propelled system which enables a large irrigation surface to be covered, to save time and save labour and water.

IRRIFRANCE proposes a wide choice of pivots, all adapted to different plots and crops. All IRRIFRANCE products meet NF and EEC standards.

With their central VXP-type structure, IRRIFRANCE pivots stand up to every test. Anchored to a concrete post, the structure perfectly absorbs any efforts generated by the topography of the terrain and the machine’s rotation.

IRRIFRANCE has chosen this design for its quality and solidity.

  • The V-shaped diagonals distribute the loads evenly across the whole length of the row.
  • All the structural parts (pipes, diagonals, cross-beams, beam stabilisers, axles) are hot galvanised.
  • The new tie rod design, with their forged ends, guarantees easy assembly that can stand up to all conditions.

The “Polychem” polyethylene liner technology has been chosen for IRRIFRANCE pivots. This innovative new method which is produced using high performance industrial resources secures and extends pivot lifetime.

  • Total anti-corrosion and wear protection for pivot pipes.
  • Improved flow coefficient.
  • Stands up to harsh water.
  • Suitable for modern techniques (chemigation, fertigation).
  • Guaranteed long lifetime for the metal structure and hydraulic performances.

To enable it to stand out and propose increasingly innovative products, IRRIFRANCE has developed new equipment to make farmers’ daily tasks easier: a removable cantilever, a flex pivot and more.

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Movable pivots

The VXP structure

The central unit

The Solar Pivot