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IRRIFRANCE's mission

IRRIFRANCE‘s mission is to take part in the progress of agriculture and the development of agricultural production around the world. At both a European and world level, IRRIFRANCE designs products in order to improve producers’ ability to meet the planet’s food requirements, while preserving water resources through economical management. Therefore, the irrigation equipment manufactured by IRRIFRANCE is designed to reduce energy consumption and distribute water at the perfect rate.
IRRIFRANCE proposes optimised solutions for modern irrigation thanks to:

  • A complete range across all modern irrigation technologies
  • Innovation capacity
  • Integrated production
  • Customer service: support, training (approved department), assistance
  • A skills network: suppliers, distributors, installers, etc.

Our business

For 55 years IRRIFRANCE has been the leader in the agricultural irrigation market. The company produces, creates and innovates to implement irrigation equipment which is constantly adapting to farmers’ needs. What does IRRIFRANCE equipment promise? To provide farmers with profitability for their investment, whichever crop they produce (wheat, corn, cotton, strawberries, etc.), the size of their farm or where they are producing.

Permanent innovation

IRRIFRANCE has built up solid knowledge of the agricultural world and perfect control of irrigation methods and techniques. This significant experience enables the company to play an active role in the permanent evolution of its agricultural spraying techniques.