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Our vision

Water is the most vital factor in Sustainable Development. Against a backdrop of unequal water resources around the world, and where the population is increasing, searching for water and using it correctly and controlling it are vital. Modern irrigation techniques enable water consumption in the agricultural sector to be cut by half.

Thanks to new technologies and its know-how in modern, high performance equipment design and manufacture, IRRIFRANCE wants to play an active part in the development of modern and responsible agricultural irrigation.

IRRIFRANCE products are recognised around the world for their quality and modernity. For 55 years IRRIFRANCE has been working constantly to find increasingly innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

In 1970, IRRIFRANCE invented the reel machine which has made a huge contribution to irrigation development. Today, this innovation is imitated by foreign competitors which represents a source of pride for the brand, while over 100 000 IRRIFRANCE reel machines are operating in over 80 countries around the world.

Thanks to irrigating farmers, IRRIFRANCE is now the leading and only company in France to manufacture reel machines and is one of the leaders in modern irrigation equipment production:

Reel machines

Solid sets


Lateral moves

DRIPLI localised irrigation

IRRIFRANCE is the only manufacturer who is present across the whole range of modern irrigation equipment.