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A precise and reliable system:

A precise and reliable system.
The DRIPLI localised irrigation system was created by IRRIFRANCE nearly 40 years ago. Used worldwide, it is simple to use and provides a high level of precision
and excellent reliability.

The DRIPLI technology has been tested under the harshest weather conditions (salt water, extreme temperatures, aggressive water), particularly in Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Benin. It is ideally suited to perennial crops grown inline, especially all fruit crops, such as citrus fruit, bananas, dates, apricots, peaches, kiwi fruit, pears, plums and so on.

An economical system :

  • Water saving: the water is brought directly to the base of the plant and the roots.
  • Energy saving: only 0.5 to 1.5 bars are necessary for supply.
  • Soil respected thanks to gentle water provision: no soil erosion.
  • The irrigated plants are protected: phytosanitary products are not washed out by irrigation.
  • Fertilisation is provided by the irrigation system.
  • Insensitive to clogging by salt or limestone water
  • Simplified filtration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Homogeneous water distribution
  • Water and energy saving
  • Suitable for fertigation, even with soluble granular fertilizer
  • Possibility of leaching of salty soils