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The VXP structure

IRRIFRANCE has selected the VXP structure which has proven its robustness time after time. The V-shaped diagonals distribute the loads evenly across the whole length of the row. All the structural parts (pipes, diagonals, cross-beams, tie rods, stabilisers, axles) are hot galvanised. The new tie rod design, with their forged ends, guarantees easy assembly that can stand up to all weather conditions.

Electric Cable Anti-Theft System:
To prevent any vandalism to your pivot, IRRIFRANCE has developed a theft protection system positioned on the whole structure.

VXP structure equipment:


The cardan shaft-type coupling provides the mechanical link between 2 rows. Its large size enables it to absorb any unevenness in the terrain. A rubber sleeve positioned inside 2 aluminium semi-shells lets the full water flow pass through and enables the seal to be removed very easily. The 2 aluminium semi-shells provide good protection against UV rays.

Control Box

A cam and rod set, backed up by a safety system, provides perfect control of the tower alignment and manages the motor control perfectly.

Transmission shaft

Well protected and with their mechanical design specific for this use, the transmission shafts provide the best possible link between geared motors and reducers. Their elasticity enables them to absorb impact on start-up and so doubles the lift time of the wheel reducer and the geared motor.

Geared motors

Ant-corrosion treated body, double gearing, 1/40th reduction, 3/4 HP power = 0.55 kW. Thanks to their very high output (0.95), the geared motors enable engine power to be limited.


The reducers are built using hard-wearing, tried and tested materials: cast iron body and wheel, high resistance treated steel screw, 2’’ 1⁄4 large diameter shafts and conical bearings which enable large diameter wheels to be fitted. The oil expansion chamber is built-in. It balances the pressure between the interior and the exterior and prevents any impurities and water vapour from getting in.


The wheels have galvanised rims and a valve protector. They may be provided in:

  • 11.2x10x24
  • 12.4x11x24
  • 14.9 x 13 x 24 et en option des roues, 16.9 x 14 x 24, 1.,4 x 38 ou des profils adaptés.