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Water requirements

Corn is an especially thirsty crop to grow. The yield gains reach 30 to 50 quintals per hectare irrigated.
To obtain a high level of population and the development of the actual roots, the potential root zone must be moistened, either by rain or by irrigation, before or just after seeding.
The new methods recommend concentrated use from 9-10 leaves to the final seed abortion stage.
Between seeding and the 10-12 leave stage, sensitivity to water stress is low, before then progressing quickly to flowering.
– On light soil, no addition before 10 leaves, even in the event of early heat.
– On deep soil, it is not possible to reach more: 12 leaves or more depending on the soil’s useful reserve.
The final addition of usable water is when the seed is close to the 50% moisture stage.

Irrigation method

The use of modern irrigation (pivots and lateral moves) is certainly the most common for this crop. All the technological innovations provided, in particular for pivot and lateral move products, are intended to optimise water management. Maximum production for a medium maturity corn harvest requires between 500 and 800 mm of water depending on the climate.